POCKO 08: OUT OF SCIENCE by Hiro Sugiyama

$ 9.95

I don't know how to describe this book, other than to say it's totally delightful.  And it defies easy categorization.  And would make the perfect gift for that person who you don't ever know what to get them. Everytime I have a shopper in the store looking for the right thing for the someone impossible to find things for, I suggest this, and I'm batting a thousand so far.  A THOUSAND. Have a look at the illustrations below and if it doesn't get you curious, well, you may be in the wrong bookstore. 

Moneyback guarantee: if you don't like, return it, no questions asked. 

More unhelpful information follows.  From the distributor: Is science the dominant religion? We place our lives in the hands of doctors, we trust science to play with the natural order. Where will this worship take us? Where are we now? Strap on your safety belt and prepare to launch. out of science. And you thought the earth was round.